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Celebrate love with a custom edible anniversary favors.

Baby Showers

We can help you with some great baby shower favor ideas that will set your party apart from the rest. 

Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Make an unforgettable impression with our fun and festive Bar and Bat Mitzvah Favors

Birthday Party

Let your friends and family know how much they are appreciated by thanking them with a wonderful edible Birthday party favor

Bridal Shower 

Bridal Showers are the perfect opportunity for the bride-to-be to relax and have some fun. Treat her and your guests to a scrumptious edible party favor.


Sweeten Your Next Deal. . .Corporate Candy Wrappers

Baptism & Christening

Sweet treats to honor your sweet baby...a perfect combination.  Your baby's Baptism or Christening is a very special day in your lives and a time to celebrate this joyous occasion with family and friends

First Communion

A First Communion is a special occasion and only a special Communion favor will do.  Set yourself apart from the rest with one of our unique First Communion Treats.


Our custom Graduation Favors will sweeten any event. Yummy Personalized Chocolate Graduation Favors

Birth Announcements

Personalized candy bars are deliciously fun and inexpensive way to "sweetly" announce your new arrival. 


Make an unforgettable impression with our fun and festive Wedding Favors. Treat your guests to a scrumptious edible party favor.

Party Favors

Everyone loves a party. Complete the festivities with a memorable party favor.


Candy Bar Favors

Candy Bar Wrappers & Personalized Candy Bars

Baby Shower Candy Wrappers / Personalized Candy Bars

Baby Shower Personalized Candy Bars

Baby Shower Candy Wrappers

Bar Mitzvah - Personalized Candy Bars

Bar Mitzvah - Candy Bar Wrappers

Bat Mitzvah Favors

Candy Bar Wrappers - Personalized Candy Bars

1st Birthday Personalized Candy Bars

1st Birthday Candy Bar Wrappers

Boy's Birthday Personalized Candy Bars

Boy's Birthday Candy Wrappers

Girl's Birthday Personalized Candy Bars

Girl's Birthday Candy Wrappers

Sweet 16 Personalized Candy Bars

Sweet 16 Candy Wrappers

Men's Birthday Personalized Candy Bars
Men's Birthday Candy Wrappers

Women's Birthday Personalized Candy Bars

Women's Birthday Candy Wrappers

Bridal Shower Candy Bars

Bridal Shower Personalized Candy Bars

Bridal Shower Candy Wrappers

Baptism / Christening Personalized Candy Bars

Christening / Baptism Candy Wrappers

First Communion Personalized Candy Bars
First Communion Candy Wrappers

Graduation Personalized Candy Bars

Graduation Candy Bar Wrappers

Wedding Personalized Candy Bars

Wedding Candy Wrappers

Jumbo Hershey Bars

Hershey Miniatures
Personalized Candy Bars

Halloween Candy Bars and Wrappers

Mickey & Minnie Mouse BIrthday Candy Bar Favors

Dr. Seuss Candy Bar Favors

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Candy Bars

Dr. Seuss Birthday Candy Bar Wrappers

Dr. Seuss Wedding Candy Bar Favors

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Candy Bars

Classic Cartoon Candy Bars and Wrappers

Hello Kitty Candy Bars

Owl 1st Birthday Candy Bars

TV Shows Candy Bars and Wrappers


Lollipop Favors

Personalized Swirl Lollipops

Baby Shower Lollipops

Bat Mitzvah Lollipops

Christening & Baptism Personalized Lollipops

First Birthday Personalized Lollipops

Communion Personalized Lollipops

Graduation Personalized Lollipops

Sweet 16 Lollipop Favors

White Swirl Personalized Lollipops

Baby Animals Personalized Lollipop Favors

Baby Shower Personalized Lollipop Favors

It's A Girl / Boy Personalized Lollipop Favors

Dots and Stripes Personalized Lollipop Favors

Fall For Love Personalized Lollipop Favors

Personalized Graduation Lollipop Favors

Mod Monogram Personalized Lollipop Favors

Monogram Personalized Lollipop Favors

Sweet 16 White Swirl Lollipops

All Occasion Personalized Lollipop Favors

Wedding Lollipops

Bridal Shower Lollipops
Oreo Lollipops

Halloween Swirl Lollipop Favors

Dr. Seuss Jumbo Swirl Lollipops

Mickey & Minnie Birthday Swirl Lollipops

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Swirl Lollipops

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Lollipops

Dr. Seuss Birthday Swirl Lollipops

Hello Kitty Lollipops

Classic Cartoon Lollipops

Owl Lollipops


Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate Lollipop Party Favors

1st Birthday Chocolate Lollipops

Baby Shower Chocolate Lollipops

Baby Shower Chocolate Lollipops and Favors

Birthday Chocolate Lollipop Favors

Wedding Chocolate Lollipop Favors

Christening & Baptism Chocolate Lollipops and Favors

Personalized Chocolate Lollipops

Christening / Baptism Personalized Chocolate Lollipops

First Birthday Personalized Chocolate Lollipops

Sweet 16 Personalized Chocolate Lollipops

Bat Mitzvah Personalized Chocolate Lollipops

First Communion Personalized Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate Lollipops - Personalized Wedding Favors

Halloween Chocolate Favors

Baby Shower Chocolate Lollipops

Customized Chocolate Lollipops

Monogram Chocolate Lollipops

Asian Wedding Chocolate Lollipops

Baby Chocolate Lollipop Favors

Sweet 16 Customized Chocolate Lollipops

Halloween Chocolate Lollipops


Holiday Favors

Holiday Candy Wrappers

Valentine's Day Wrappers

Christmas Candy Wrappers

Hanukkah Candy Wrappers

Halloween Party Favors

Winter Party Favors

Hanukkah Favors and Gifts

Christmas Favors and Gifts

Valentine's Favors and Gifts

Favor Boxes

All Occasion Favor Boxes

Euro-Tote Favor Bags

Lifesaver Favors

Baby Shower Lifesavers


Monogram Favors

Acrylic Luggage Tags 

Mini Glass Bottles

Sweet Shoppe Boxes

Hot Cocoa



Mint Tins

Gum Boxes 

Candle Tins

Candy Tin Favors

Candy Tins

Graduation Candy Tins

Baby Shower Candy Tins

Communion Candy Tins

Wedding Candy Tins

Bridal Shower Candy Tins

1st Birthday Mint Tins

Christening Candy Tins

Birthday Candy Tins

Cookie Favors

Wedding Cookie Favors

Baby Shower Cookies

All Occasion Cookie Favors

Bat Mitzvah & Bar Mitzvah Cookies

Christening and Baptism Cookies

First Communion Cookies

Graduation Cookies

Cookie Favors Resources

Chocolate Cookie Favors

1st Birthday Chocolate Cookie Favors

Baby Shower Chocolate Cookie Favors

Bat Mitzvah Chocolate Cookie Favors

Sweet 16 Chocolate Cookie Favors

Bridal Chocolate Cookie Favors

Cookie Favors - Vanilla and Key Lime Flavors

Baby Shower Cookies

1st Birthday Cookies

Graduation Cookies

Christening and Baptism Cookies

Sweet 16 Cookies
Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Edible Favors

Weddings & Bridal Shower Edible Favors

Baby Shower Treats

Edible Favors - Birthday, Sweet 16, Bat Mitzvah

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Favors

Dipped Marshmallows with Confetti or Nonpareils

Drizzled Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

S'mores Favors

Baby Duckie - Chocolate Covered Pretzel Favors

Chocolate Dipped Brownie Favors

Baby Shower Chocolate CD's

Sweet 16 Chocolate CD Favors

Gift Baskets

Cookie Bouquets
Gummy Kabob Favors


Personalized Wine Labels - Water

Personalized Wine Labels

Wedding - Custom Wine Labels

Holiday Wine Bottle Labels

Personalized Water Bottle Labels

1st Birthday Water Bottle Labels

Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels

Bat Mitzvah Water Bottle Labels

Bar Mitzvah Water Bottle Labels

Christening and Baptism Water Bottle Labels

Bridal Shower Water Bottle Labels

Graduation Water Bottle Labels

Sweet 16 Water Bottle Labels

Mickey Mouse Birthday Water Labels

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Water Labels

Mickey Mouse Birthday Labels


Party Favors Resources

Baby Shower Article
Baby Shower Favors Resources
Bridal Shower Favors Resources

First Birthday Party Favors Resources

Dr. Seuss Party Favors

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Party Favors

Hershey's Chocolate Nutrition Information

History of the Chocolate Bar

Classic Cartoons Party Favors


Candy Jar Favors

Cherry Blossom

Sweet 16 and 15

All Occasion

Baby Animal

Candy Containers


Winter Party Favors

Winter Candy Bar Favors

Winter Baby Shower Candy Bar Favors

Winter Birthday Candy Bars

Winter Wedding Candy Bar Favors

Hot Cocoa Favors

Party Planning

Planning a Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

Theme Party Favors

Theme Party Favors

Owl Party

Hello Kitty Party Favors

Moustache Party Favors

Princess Party Favors

Sesame Street Party Favors

Elmo Party Favors

Classic Cartoon Favors

Dr. Seuss Favors


Halloween Gifts


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