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Baby Shower Lollipops


Baby Shower Lollipops

$1.99 ea. 3" / 1.5 oz. pops (multi colored)

2.75 ea. 3" /1.5 oz. pops (pink or blue)

$2.99 ea. Jumbo 5 oz. (multi colored)



Our jumbo swirl lollipops are a delicious and fun baby shower favor for you and your guests that will actually be used.  You will definitely add a bit of sweetness to the day with our unique and inexpensive fun customized lollipop treats.  Our adorable Lollipops will add a bit of sweetness to your day.  All lollipop favors are finished off with matching satin ribbon. Choose one of our Personalized Baby Shower Theme labels below or we can create a custom label to coordinate with your theme.  Trendy, affordable and fun!


Baby Shower Swirl Lollipops

Qty: Price: $1.99 (min order 18 pcs.)

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Label Front Design #:  (view label designs below)

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Label Back Design #:   (view label backs below)

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Date of Shower:          

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Choose Your Label Designs


Blue Momma        Lollipop Lady        Pregnant Mama Lollipop

BAS1W                          BAS2W                       BAS27W


Diaper Baby Shower Lollipop        Cow Baby Shower Lollipop        Sleeping Baby Lollipop

BAS33W                         BAS9W                       BAS35W


baby chick            

BAS9W                   BAS37W                     BAS38W


Pink Carriage Baby Shower Lollipop          Blue Carriage Baby Shower Lollipop          Rattle

BAS5W                          BAS6W                       BAS50W



BAS8W                          BAS7W                       BAS45W



BAS46W                          BAS47W                    BAS48W


carriage lollipop         carriage lollipop           Blue Teddy Bear lollipops

BAS31W                          BAS32W                       BAS14W


Pink Teddy Bear lollipops        Pink Teddy Bear lollipops        Blue Teddy Bear lollipops

BAS13W                         BAS19W                     BAS20W


carriage lollipop blue        carriage lollipops pink        Pink Stork Lollipops

BAS12W                         BAS11W                       BAS18W


Blue Stork Lollipops        baby bottle        rattle

BAS17W                          BAS15W                  BAS23W


pink baby bottle        blue baby bottle        animal lollipops pink

BAS21W                    BAS22W                       BAS29W


animal lollipops blue       baby shower umbrella         lollipops balloons

BAS30W                   BAS7W                     BAS8W


Back Label Designs

Choose our wording or choose your own.
Label back color and images will match the wrapper front.


Back 1     Back 2     Back 3

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