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Baby Shower Cookies


invitation cookieOur Baby Shower Cookies will be the hit of the party! These adorable hand decorated Custom Cookies taste as good as the look!  Baby Shower cookies are a delicious and fun way to celebrate your special day. These delicious butter cookie favors frosted with royal icing that dries to a sweet crunchy topping will tickle your fancy and your taste buds. Each baby shower cookie comes in cellophane bag and ribbon.  Most decorated cookies can be personalized with names and dates.   Trendy, fun and affordable custom cookie favors.

Classic butter cookies with just a hint of almond that makes it delicious and tender. Our cookies are also available in a gluten-free recipe, please contact us for information and minimum orders.


Ingredients for baby shower cookies: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, almond extract, baking powder and salt.  Ingredients for icing: Powdered sugar, meringue powder, gum Arabic, and cream of tarter. NO PRESERVATIVES!

Minimum Order: 18 Cookies

Cost: $4.25 ea.

All baby shower cookies come in cellophane and curling ribbon

Personalize your cookies with names and dates at no extra charge!

Choose any color for your cookies.

Please allow 2 weeks when ordering.  RUSH Orders are available.


View our Custom Baby Shower Cookie Designs Below

baby bottle cookie               baby carriage cookie

#SF-01P                                                   #SF-02P

View Details                                         View Details



pink baby foot                                     blue baby foot

#SF-03                                                    #SF-03

View Details                                         View Details



pacifier baby shower cookie                     onsie baby shower cookie

#SF-05                                                        #SF-06

View Details                                            View Details



baby block baby shower cookie             pacifier baby shower cookie 

 #SF-07                                                          #SF-08

View Details                                                View Details



umbrella baby shower cookie          umbrella baby shower cookie

Pink #SF-09                                           Blue #SF-9

View Details                                         View Details



pink stork          blue stork

Pink #SF-11                                           Blue #SF-11

View Details                                         View Details



 train cookies                airplane cookies

#SF-13P                                              #SF-14

View Details                                       View Details



yellow duck                          moon

#SF-15                                                     #SF-16

View Details                                         View Details



elephant             baby chicks

#SF-17                                                   #SF-18

View Details                                         View Details




peas in a pod                          teddy bear cookies

#SF-19P                                                          #SF-20P

View Details                                                   View Details



  invitation baby shower cookie


#SF-20 (Custom)

Now you can match your cookies with your invitation!

Please request a quote through our "Contact Us" button.

Prices will vary based on design and complexity of pattern.





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