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Lollipop Fun Facts



Lollipops are one of the most common candies and are loved by most people. There is quite a history behind these hard candies on a stick. There are hundreds of different kinds of lollipops in all different shapes and sizes in our world today. The first lollipop machine made 40 pops a minute, that’s impressive for the early 1900’s. They are so popular there is even a National Lollipop Day! This paper will take you back in time to when lollipops were first invented.

The Start of Lollipops

A town in Wisconsin by the name of Racine, has claimed that they are the first ones to have invented the lollipop. 1908 was the year that a candy maker, named George Smith wanted to figure out how to put a hard candy on a stick. He called The Racine Confectioners Machinery Co. and they answered his call. That year the company made a machine that processed 40 lollipops a minute. Today a lollipop making machine would make over 5,000 lollipops a minute. Also in 1916, a man named Samuel Born invented a sucker making machine. This machine was called the Born Sucker Machine. No one really knows who the first one to invent the very first lollipop, even the word lolly pop dates back to 1784!

Fun Facts

There are some interesting facts about lollipops that I bet you didn’t know. The world’s largest lollipop was around 15 feet tall and was cherry flavored. July 20th is famous for being National Lollipop Day. Cotton Candy is the most common flavor. There are so many different flavors for lollipops such as grape, cherry, blueberry, banana split, strawberry shortcake, and even bacon! Lollipops have such an easy recipe to remember, it’s only corn syrup, sugar, water, and flavor. Also Lollipops were advertised a lot during the 1920’s on the radio and television.


How Lollipops are Made

Lollipops are made in large quantities so they can be shipped to different stores and departments. All of the raw materials are brought in and the sugar is dumped into boiling water to dissolve. Then the corn syrup is into the mix and is brought to an even higher heat. Once it’s all cooked all of the colors and flavors are added. Then they go through a kneading machine to get the bubbles out to make it lighter and make it easier to break. When they’re done they are split apart and made into different shapes then put on a stick.


Lollipops are very common in the United States and possibly all over the world. They’re fun candies to eat and have awesome history. I’ve learned a lot from researching them and didn’t know what lollipops were all about until now. There are many other things to learn about lollipops but what I’ve stated is pretty basic information to give you a clue how lollipops started out and where they are today. I hope you enjoyed and got some knowledge out of this document.


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