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Graduation Personalized Candy Bars


Graduation Personalized Candy Bars

Candy Bar Type:
1.55 oz. Hershey's Bar - $1.95 ea.
Kit Kat Bars - $1.95 ea.
Crunch Bars - $1.95 ea.
1.55 oz Godiva Bars - $4.45 ea.
4.4 oz. Jumbo Lindt Bars - $4.75
4.4 oz. Jumbo Hershey Bars - $4.25

Min. Order: 24 pcs.

Availability: Please allow 10 days when ordering. 

Rush orders are available.



Your candy bars will come fully assembled

and ready to pass out to your guests.




Wrapped Candy Bars

Qty: Price: $1.95 (see below for quantity discounts)

Choose Candy Bar:               

Quantity Discount:                

(Quantity discount cannot be combined with 10% discount - please take one or the other)

Add Cellophane & Ribbon:   

Select Foil Color:                    

Wrapper Front Design:          (scroll down to view wrapper designs)

Wrapper Back Design:          (scroll down to view wrapper backs)

Name of Honoree(s):             

Date of Party:                          

Date Needed:                          

Additional Comments:         

 Warm Weather Shipping - Be sure to add a cooler pack on the check out page during the months of May - October.


Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper Designs

Wording can be changed on any candy bar wrapper to accommodate your needs.

Use any front and back combination.

WRAPPER FRONTS                            WRAPPER BACKS

 Graduation Cap          Graduation cap back

G001F                                           G001B



G001AF                                           G001AB



G001BF                                           G001BB



G001DF                                           G001DB


summer fun wrapper         summer fun wrapper back

G002F                                        G002B


Butterfly Wrapper         Butterfly Wrapper back

G003F                                       G003B


graduation books       books wrapper back

G004F                                       G004B


graduation cap wrappers       graduation cap wrappers back

G005F                                    G005B


purple graduation bear      purple graduation bear back

G006F                                      G006B


Yellow graduation bear       Yellow graduation bear baack

G007F                                      G007B


red cap graduation        red cap graduation back

G008F                                       G008B


balloon wrapper            balloon wrapper back

G009F                                          G009B


scroll and book        scroll and book back

G010F                                           G010B

margarita wrapper            margarita wrapper back

G0011F                                    G0011B


tulip and scroll         tulip and scroll back

G0012F                                        G0012B        


dude wrapper              dude wrapper back

G0013F                                        G0013B

cap and balloons         cap and balloons back

G0014F                                        G0014B



G0015F                                      G0015B


graduation candy wrapper         graduation candy wrapper

G0016F                                       G0016B


graduation candy wrapper        graduation candy wrapper

G0017F                                     G0017B


#G001 Graduation party favor candy wrapper       

G0018F                                    G0018B


graduation candy wrapper           graduation candy wrapper

G0019F                                   G0019B


graduation candy wrapper         graduation candy wrapper

G0020F                                   G0020B


graduation candy wrapper          graduation candy wrapper

G0021F                                   G0021B


graduation candy wrapper                graduation candy wrapper

G0022F                                   G0022B


#G003 Graduation party favor candy wrapper          #G003 Graduation party favor candy wrapper

G0023F                                   G0023B


graduation candy wrapper          graduation candy wrapper

G0024F        (choose your school colors)    G0024B


graduation candy wrapper             graduation candy wrapper

G0025F                                   G0025B

graduation candy wrapper           graduation candy wrapper

G0026F     Choose any 2 colors    G0026B


graduation candy wrapper            graduation candy wrapper

G0027F     Choose any 2 colors    G0027B


graduation candy wrapper      graduation candy wrapper

G0028F                                   G0028B



candy bar in cellophane


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