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Chocolate Lollipops

Your guests will be delighted with this scrumptious chocolaty treat.  Our Chocolate lollipop favors are perfect for Weddings, Showers, Birthdays, Christenings, Bat Mitzvah's or any occasion.  A wonderful welcome gift for your out-of-town baskets.  Chocolate lollipop Favors are trendy, affordable and fun!  We offer an array of lollipop designs and we will be happy to work with you to match your colors or party theme. We are sure you will find a design to suit your personal sense of style. Each Chocolate Lollipop Favor comes fully assembled in cellophane and ribbon.



Polka Dot Round Pops         Polka Dot Heart Lollipops       Princess Crown Pops

Polka Dot  Round Pops                        Polka Dot Heart Pops             Princess Crown Pops

$2.75 ea.                                           $2.75 ea.                                              $2.50 ea.

Drizzle Star Pops    Drizzle Round Pops     Confetti Star Pops

Drizzle Star Pops                               Drizzle Round Pops                        Confetti Star Pops

$2.99 ea.                                                  $2.75 ea.                                          $2.99 ea.

Color Confetti Pops      Color Drizzle Star      Fun Star Pops

Color Confetti Pops                              Color Drizzle Star                              Fun Star Pops

$2.99 ea.                                                  $2.99 ea.                                          $2.99 ea.

Number 1 Drizzle Pops    #1 Color Drizzle Pops     Number 1 Pops

Number 1 Drizzle Pops                  #1 Color Drizzle Pops                Number 1 Pops

$2.50 ea.                                                  $2.50 ea.                                          $2.50 ea.

 Mongram Chocolate    Cupcake Lollipops    Elmo Lollipops

Mongram Chocolate                             Cupcake Lollipops                                Elmo Lollipops

$2.75 ea.                                                  $2.50 ea.                                          $2.25 ea.


Sprinkle Star Pops    Baby Shower Umbrella   Baby Buggy Pops

Sprinkle Star Pops                            Baby Shower Umbrella                        Baby Buggy Pops

$2.9 ea.                                                  $2.50 ea.                                          $2.25 ea.


Milk Chocolate Teddy Bear    Pink & Blue Teddy Bear    White Chocolate Teddy Bea

Milk Chocolate Teddy Bear            Pink & Blue Teddy Bear               White Chocolate Teddy Bear

$2.50 ea.                                                  $2.50 ea.                                          $2.50 ea.


Drizzle Heart Lollipops    Drizzle Heart Pops   Heart Lollipops

Drizzle Heart Lollipops                         Drizzle Heart Pops                            Heart Lollipops

$2.50 ea.                                                  $2.50 ea.                                          $2.75 ea.


Hello Kitty Pops          Daisy Lollipops      Tulip Lollipops

Hello Kitty Pops                                 Daisy Lollipops                              Tulip Lollipops

$2.50 ea.                                                  $2.50 ea.                                          $2.75 ea.


Smiley Face Pops    Peace Sign Pops    Number 50 Pops

Smiley Face Pops                          Peace Sign Pops                        Number 50 Pops

$1.50 ea.                                                  $2.25 ea.                                          $2.99 ea.


Polka Dot Cross Chocolate Favors      Blue Polka Dot Cross Chocolate Favors       Chocolate Cross Lollipop Favors

Pink Chocolate Favors                                Blue Chocolate Favors                       Chocolate Cross

$2.99 ea.                                                $2.99 ea.                                          $2.75 ea.


Chocolate Heart & Cross Lollipops     Sugar Cross Chocolate Lollipops    Polka Dot Cross Chocolate Lollipops

 Heart & Cross Lollipops           Cross Chocolate Lollipops               Polka Dot Cross Lollipops

$2.75 ea.                                          $2.75 ea.                                             $2.50 ea.




Pink Dot Round Lollipops              Blue Dot Round Lollipops

Pink Dot Round Lollipops                                          Blue Dot Round Lollipops

$2.75 ea.                                                       $2.75 ea.


Sweet 16 Pop          Champagne Glass Pop       

Sweet 16 Pop                                 Champagne Glass Pop

$2.99 ea.                                          $2.25 ea.


Pink Drizzle Star              Blue Drizzle Star

Pink Drizzle Star                                Blue Drizzle Star  

$2.99 ea.                                              $2.99 ea. 





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